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No matter how many times it’s lost,
I’ll get it back for sure.
Give me your smile,
It’s like a rainbow in the sky after it rains.
I don’t care
If the price for it
Is that someone else’s expression is darkened.
It’s fine for me to be the only villain.

In truth, I actually
Want to be considerate of others
But I have to abandon
Those easygoing ideals here.

To set my sights
Onto you, far away
I wonder
How much terror I’ll be able to pay?
Those yesterdays
When I was always concerned with dubious appearances
This hand that you hid inside your pocket,
I still can’t forget it.

“No matter how many times I get hurt, it can’t be helped.”
Saying that,
You looked down and
Fleeting, tepid tears fell.
Even a single drop
Made me drown in cowardice
It was more than enough to make me lose my reasoning.
March onward, far enough

That the city’s klaxons and sirens
Won’t even reach.

Even if the world points at you from behind,
Saying that your love is too self-centered,
Keep on going without looking back.
I’ll hurry to your side,
Pretending not to even notice
The SOS I heard along the way.

Bye bye yesterday, I’m sorry.
I’ll miss you, but I’m going.
Even though I’m not what I hoped to be,
I still wished more than anyone
For the strength to protect
Just a single person, just you. And now it is within these hands.

Even if the world points at you from behind,
Saying that our love is too young,
Just keep on going without fail, keep on going
To the space for just the two of us
With that hand that’s trembling in your pocket,
I’ll take you there now.

I don’t know what I’ll be like in the future
So I won’t stop my gaze
Mysterious vocabulary
Your disposition, deep with meaning

Even when my “I love you”
Seems like it’s going to blow away by the wind
Clumsily, I’ll never let go
This hand that I’m holding
Let’s go beyond the rainbow