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CITYPlus FM 立足马来西亚多元种族社会,提供不同视角的资讯,展现马来西亚华裔的世界观。

CITYPlus FM 结合音频和视频,提供面向都会、接轨区域,链接国际的时局剖析、财经焦点、市场透视,紧贴文化和时尚动态,力挺国内外独立和原创音乐。我们的节目内容满足城市人追求优质生活所需的元素,让每一次收听都有收获。


我们隶属 OOGA X 私人有限公司旗下。OOGA X 同时也拥有成立于2016年,沙巴的第一家社区电台Kupikupifm。



CITYPlus FM aspires to be a chic, urban talk radio station that defines the fast paced, city lifestyle that surrounds the everyday life of its digitally savvy residents. Our listeners are city dwellers who may have come from different parts of Malaysia, but they all aim to have the latest and the greatest that the city has to offer.

Therefore, CITYPlus FM under the tagline “Connecting You To The World” will provide information on entrepreneurial opportunities and business potential, using in-depth analyses and solid research about the marketplace.

The infotainment philosophy of CITYPlus FM embodies the values of rationality, pragmatism as well as the commercial ethos of the Malaysian Chinese psyche. We are firmly rooted in our Malaysian Chinese identity. That is, we are proudly and unequivocally Malaysian, embedded in an integrated multi-cultural setting.

Guided by our uniquely Malaysian Chinese experience of finding ways to adapt, adjust and accommodate to global, regional and local changes, we offer a cosmopolitan angle on issues and trends.

Beneath the neon lights and the city skyline, we all know that surviving in the city has its dips along with its highs. Thus, the station is here to serve as a beacon to our listeners by providing relevant insights on everyday business and social conditions helping them to thrive and stay alive in a fast-moving, diverse and globally connected Southeast Asian nation we call home.

Our young and dynamic team enjoys sharing independent music, both local and international. Our content will be delivered mainly in Mandarin, however, dialects and other languages could be intermingled in selected segments to reflect the way Malaysians truly converse and interact with one another.