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CITYPlus FM正在扩充团队,寻找IT管理员,若你有能力和兴趣,欢迎来加入我们的团队!IT管理员的工作职责如下:

– 协助管理及更新的电台官方网站的页面内容
– 协助数码组监管与及时解决电台所有数码平台可能面临的紧急技术问题
– 配合公司电台特别企划或商家需求,设置网络页面与数码横幅广告以进行活动宣传推销
– 协助管理及更新电台podcast库存系统
– 协助管理电台线上收听应用程序


– 熟悉Wordpress后台管理系统运作
– 熟悉Google Ad Manager与Google Analytics系统操作
– 熟悉社交平台(Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)的基本操作
– 熟悉PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript/AJAX
– 熟悉应用程序编程接口(API)



We’re expanding our digital team! CITYPlus FM is looking at hiring an IT & web administrator. The job description and responsibilities are as follows: 

– Manage, update and housekeep the station’s official website
– Assist in resolving any urgent technical related issue on all of the station’s digital platforms
– Work closely with the marketing and programming team to setup promotional web pages and banners according to client’s needs
– Manage, update and housekeep the station’s podcast content management system
– Manage and monitor the station’s live streaming mobile application.
– Assist in managing, analysing and updating the performance of all the station’s digital assets (social media reach and engagement, website traffic, podcast listenership)

Required skills are as follows:

– Familiar with WordPress CMS
– Familiar with Google Ad Manager & Google Analytics
– Familiar with all social media platforms’ basic operations (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
– Familiar with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript/AJAX
– Familiar with API Integration

Additional Remarks: Any extra technical knowledge involving front end and back end web development will be regarded as an added bonus.

For those interested, please send your resume over to yuhanwong@cityplusfm.my.