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Ain’t it funny how the money make a man throw a tantrum
All up in his head like he Samson
Damn son I meant Swanson um pardon the jest
I’m dumb, but I knew that it started with S
I’m a comic working that topic to death
Wanna go Pop you work harder at less
Be a product, fans ain’t hard to impress
And in the end you may get a purple heart on your chest
Ain’t that right Seth Rogen, Tesla rolling
“Couldn’t care less about the five you’re blowin”
Young MC’s still playing with cars
While someone like me is still playing these bars
“I Don’t mind you coming here, and wasting all my time”
Delegating punch-lines, that’s so bland
For a dedicated bunch call ‘em pack-o-stans- funny
Who are the ones who pretend their the sun
And the answer to all of their whims- money?
Rappers they live in a gimmick
Then give me five minutes unlimited lyrics
And I’ll give that script uninhibited merit
Incriminate parents intimidate clerics
See rap’s like that invite ‘em in
Forcing multi’s vitamins
I call it G.O.A.T. cheese for idol men
Go broke at both knees to idol them
Please B what’s the price point of these Yeezey’s you conning me
Ain’t putting my feet in those Connery’s you teasing me you ornery
Damn and you wanna be the honoree man ain’t you seen the economy
And you want me to honor you but I bought your tunes man- honor me
And they bought your shoes now honor them cus they wore those two like armor
Then somebody came fully armed to them and said run those jewels and moccasins
Moccasins I ain’t mocking sins they say that we all got a lot within in
Like a bank with full drawers my option is
I can take and do wrong or not with them ends
Men can rot within when they pay for more then they depositing
Now I ain’t LeCrae but I ain’t that Cray
Gotta thank the good Lord for dropping in

Dropping in, dropping in
Gotta thank the good Lord for dropping in
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/alltta/the-upper-hand/connery.html]
Dropping in, dropping in
Gotta thank the good Lord for dropping in
Dropping in, dropping in
Gotta thank the good Lord for dropping in
Dropping in, dropping in
Gotta thank the good Lord for dropping in

Ain’t it funny how the fandom gotta man dumb
And running for the van thinking he’s the bands one
And only fan then he get’s abandoned
Cus he doesn’t understand them he wanna a superman
And crazy reasons like loco- motives
Are training these kids to go for broke quick
Fame is easy the lane is open
Like the brain it soaked in
Now come in and give me a moment to mumble
Some cumbersome flows you will know from the jump
As a cover up those who are coming from none
Go to number one simply because we are dumb enough
Do it in front of us true they make fun of us
Trouble is business is booming because of us
Is it music because I just
Mastered phonics faster then an atom blast is captured
On a rapatronic after math is shattered glass and rappers
Be a solid then a liquid in the end it’s barely matter
See their shadow on a wall commemorating the disaster
See I dated rap and asked her if she’d ever be my wife
This is the statement that she made while she was having a midlife crisis
She said maybe in the eighties when my babies needed fathers
But they pay me in Mercedes I get way too many offers
Just be happy with the play that I may give you on the side
Cus I’m older then you think and been on way too many rides
Been on way too many rides and they runnin on the side
Three 14” rims and their running on the side
Now what have it learned in the span of three minutes
That money is earned by the men who believe in
The cunning of fame how they beg to receive it
When somebody’s name is much better then he is
And bigger then he is kids looking up he’s as big as a tree is
Quick hook it up the electricity is glowing the letters
It all goes together
It’s all the marquee is