《M中文网》是大马Malay Mail集团首创的中文新闻网站,这也是马来西亚首家英文报章开辟中文网,推送中文新闻与包罗万象的精彩内容,为大马、全球中文圈阅听众服务。


Malay Mail历史悠久,早在1896年于吉隆坡创立,是当时仍是马来联邦(马来西亚前身)首府的吉隆坡首家面市日报。120年以来与时并进,凭着中立报导、独家报导及不含杂质的新闻而成为本地媒体中坚力量。

Malay Mail目前已设英语、马来语新闻网站,陪伴读者掌握时事趋势,深度报导各种时事。随着中文部史无前例成立,让Malay Mail更多元化经营,除了出版日报,旗下也含华巫英三大语文新闻网站。


1. 完成新闻图片的创意设计需求,深入了解读者的特点,进行照片与图表创意的设计制作;
2. 必须对时事与新闻有敏感,掌握新闻视觉包装、规范制作、创意执行和品质把控;
3. 对照片有良好的筛选与处理能力,提供高素质与吸睛的图案与图表设计;
4. 与新闻编辑以及记者配合,为照片进行记录、存档、组织照片等与生产有关的各种 任务;
5. 必须能够在小团队环境中,给予和接收重要的反馈。

1. 两年左右相关经验,也欢迎毕业生申请;
2. 学院、大学本科及以上学历,广告设计或美术专业优先;
3. 有良好的平面设计的功底, 熟练使用Photoshop、AI等软件,拥有网页设计知识为佳;
4. 具备一定的设计理念,出色的视觉表达能力;
5. 工作认真细致,责任心强,能适应高强度工作压力,良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神。


Graphic Designer

Job Tasks:

  • Perform both basic photo editing as well as create graphics and gifs
  • Create and edit photos in innovative and eye-catching ways, using a variety of different media and techniques.
  • Create beautiful and shareable static infographics and data visualizations to complement articles from news team
  • Work with the editorial team on developing fun and engaging photo and other graphic content – and be comfortable pitching editorial ideas.
  • Be comfortable working creatively under tight deadlines.
  • Ensure that image quality, size and placement meet requirements, which will be of a high quality
  • Responsible for logging, archiving, organizing photographs and other various tasks related to production
  • Color edits and graphic insertion and assisting fellow editors with such tasks when necessary.
  • Must be able to give and receive critical feedback in a small team environment.

General Requirements:

  • Good command of written spoken Chinese.
  • Proven graphic designing experience in a professional environment.
  • Experience with web is a plus. Newspaper experience highly valued.
  • A professional certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Higher Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Art/Design or equivalent.
  • Strong Chinese typographic, illustration and web page layout skills, with particular attention to tonal style, detail and grammar
  • Can independently conceptualize and produce visuals/artwork for website, social media artwork, and any format of digital artwork.
  • Design creative components of all related digital properties, including but not limited to websites, e-mail, and social media.
  • Up to date with industry leading software and technologies
  • Able to work under pressure and keep a cool head
  • Commercial awareness towards time, costs and deadlines
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment and is adaptable to change.

If interested, please call 03-79313686, or email your resume to mmochinese@mmail.com.my